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death and burial through an archaeological lens

Inscriptions, Outcrops, and XRF

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I have a quick announcment for anyone interested in my work with the Ferryland gravestones! A while ago I wrote a paper on the analysis of the gravestones with Drs. Barry Gaulton and Stephen Piercey, of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The paper is being published in the North Atlantic Archaeology Journal, Volume 5, and I just got the pdf proof of the formatting. This is really exciting, as my first published academic paper, and also my first published piece of the script development work I did the fieldwork for waaaay back in 2012! (That paper is in the works, never fear)

If you are interested, here is the abstract, and I’ll update this post when I know the publication date of the journal.


Author: Robyn S. Lacy

Archaeologist / Cultural Heritage / Burial Ground Restoration

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