Spade & the Grave

death and burial through an archaeological lens


Spade & the Grave is a place to explore the topics of death / dying / burial through the lens of archaeology. Archaeologists are faced with human mortality regularly through research, excavation, and often face to face encounters with the dead. As a result, this connection seems only natural.


Sticking my arm into the “mystery pit” at Ferryland, 2017.

Robyn S. Lacy is an archaeologist and illustrator from British Columbia. She works as a Cultural Heritage Specialist / Archaeologist for Golder Associates Ltd., in Ontario. While she works with built heritage and heritage landscapes, her primary academic research area is historical mortuary / landscape archaeology. She in particularly interested in aspects of burial landscape development, protective marks, gravestone inscription development, as well as the use of lime in heritage structures, and lime kiln development and use.

She received her MA in Archaeology from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 2017, where her research focused on examining the spatial relationship between early 17th-century colonial burial grounds and settlements. She  holds a BA in Archaeology with a minor in Museum & Heritage Studies from the University of Calgary, and spent one year of her undergrad studying British Archaeology at Durham University in England.

She frequently publishes on her research through peer-reviewed journals and texts, community/organization journals, and here on Spade & the Grave.

You can contact Robyn through the ‘Contact’ page on this website, or through twitter.
twitter: @robyn_la

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